Greetings stranger!

We are a tiny game development team and a good friends by the way. Here you can try out our applications for Android and PC. We hope you will enjoy them!

Also you can mail us at fisaines[at], or encourage us sending 100$ at webmoney R277445869303

Our applications

Countryballs: Find Flags

 | Android

Countryballs: Find flags - first game about countryballs - balls, painted in colours of flags of different countrys. Meet your favourite comics heroes on your mobile phones and tablets. This is exciting puzzle game with sixteen different countryballs!


 | Android | Windows | HTML5/JavaScript

Kukulkan is the pyramid of ancient Maya. And it's full of incredible treasures! Indians promised the End of the World at 2012 but it didn't come. So you have an unique chance to get even! Feel like a conquistador - loot the pyramid for more than 200 levels and let the gods weep bitterly!

Funny 15

 | Android | Windows | HTML5/JavaScript

Funny 15 is a classic barley-break game with different levels of complexity. Solve puzzles of all sizes with the best time and minimum moves!
Game modes available: 3x3, 3x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6!

Find Them All

 | Android | Windows | HTML5/JavaScript

Little furries are very forgetful and absent-mindedned! They always loose a lot of useful things, such as ballons, flowers, wheels, eggs, bubbles and stars. Of course, it's difficult to find a present or lucky four-leaf clover. But our heroes even can't find each other! Take the challenge and find'em all!

Exciting Bubbles

 | Android | Windows | HTML5/JavaScript

The most realistic simulation of bubbly polyethylene you ever seen! Hundred square miles of bubbles for crushing and pushing. Awesome sound and vibration effects! Take the challenge and go phut 'em all!